This is an essential tool to have in you arsenal. 
Sunshine is the BEST and you can shop for one right HERE.
All orders ship with a sample of Sunshine cloth and we ship all bespoke orders with one! These are made in Japan. 
Cloths will last until it is completely blackened. If polishing a chain, create a fold. Run the chain through the Sunshine polishing cloth fold gently and repeat until shiny. If a ring, rub polishing cloth over surface and watch the magic happen.
Restores shine. Safe to use on Brass, Sterling Silver, 14K Gold, 18K Gold and Platinum.


Remove unwanted residues, with a gentle mild dish soap.
Blue Dawn dish soap is our favourite. Use a soft toothbrush to gently get to details. Pat dry with a soft lint free cloth (not your polishing cloth).
Do not use paper towels to dry your jewelry. 
Alternatively, take to a reputable local jeweler, who will clean it. We DO NOT recommend cleaning gemstone jewelry with an Ultrasonic Cleaning Device, Ammonia, Hydrogen Peroxide washes, or steeping in boiling hot water. Good old fashioned gentle mild soap and luke warm water will work great without risking color deterioration. Store in your complimentary jewelry pouch.  


We highly recommend using a soft toothbrush, or if you feel confident, fine tweezers to remove accessible fluff. If in doubt, we are happy to remove for you, or you can take it to a reputable local jeweler.


Gold is hypoallergenic. 
18K Gold is 75% Gold and 25% alloy. 
14K Gold is 58.3% Gold and 41.7% alloy.
It can dull and will bounce right back with a sunshine polishing cloth. Alternatively ask us about a polish renew to revitalize your piece.


Sterling Silver tarnishes and patinas according to individual chemical makeup and chemicals such as Chlorine. Tarnishing causes natural blackening and dulling which can be restored with a Sunshine Polishing cloth, rubbing over entire surface area to restore shine. (We wouldn't recommend you wear in a swimming pool but if it happens, the blackening is reversible!)


Brass is a mixture of zinc and copper making it a base metal that is not hypoallergenic. It patinas richly, oxidizing with a vintage look and feel. 
The copper oxide is a natural reaction, and not a defect that can create a green finger, that largely depends on your body chemistry, use of perfumes and lotions and exposure to other natural oils and chemicals such as chlorine.
Brass can be worn regularly provided you do not have any problems with naturally occurring green finger. The oxidation and dulling can be efficiently removed by cleaning with a Sunshine polishing cloth.