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Customize your own One of A Kind Picture Signet ring.
Keep your loved ones, dreams, dogs, business logos,
goals, mantras even closer with this minimalist profile,
keepsake signet with a perfectly framed viewing

Rings are all tailor measured to any size you need.
Our example uses our son, River, but when we set
your ring, we will use any image that you provide. 

You send us a photograph --
(email is best to
We scale your photograph to size, print it onto
photographic paper and set it into a clear epoxy resin
that is waterproof and durable and designed to stand
the test of time.
Ideally ensure your image is as high resolution as
possible. We recommend 300 DPI. If you're not sure if
its big enough, send it to us in a quick email or dm over
Instagram and we'll take a quick look at it to check.

We have also been asked if we can set stamps and locks
of hair. Please message us before hand with your inquiry
so that we can know if this ring is suitable for what your
have in mind.

Originally we wanted to make a ring like a vintage 1940's
winky sweetheart ring that JC's great grandfather had that
held a picture of his darling close to his hand.
The winky ring had been traditionally set for that era behind
a waterproof and durable resin, allowing the wearer to wear
their beloved token in the weather of any situation.