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In loving memory of Richard Oates, of East River Skate Shop
@ Franklin and Greenpoint Ave. Greenpoint, Brooklyn NY.

Richard was a chef and dedicated skateboarder.
He started his own community based skate shop to have more
time to spend with his wife and newly born daughter.
We randomly stumbled upon the Oates Family's shop by luck
to find a kind, congenial man working the counter (Richard).
He told us about the life he had left behind as a chef to pursue
his passions and family's and community's necessities. He built
the shop hoping for a better future. Sadly he was killed in
January 2016 following a skateboarding accident on the street.
This ring is to commemorate his kind nature and dedication to
passion. We don't have to be wealthy to be Rich.

Custom sizing is available.
Please contact us :: Brooklynsmithy@gmail.com
Say hello on Instagram :: @Brooklynsmithy

Handmade in the USA.