Overnight Shipping Ready - Heavy Handmade Link Chain with Liberty Coin


**Overnight Shipped the day after purchasing unless purchased on a Saturday in which the Overnight Shipping leaves the Monday***

***International 2 day Shipping Via DHL leaves 2 days after purchase***

Classic Americana, Handmade 100%. Heavy Duty Handmade Toggle Clasp that we melted into a rock, hammered, twisted and polished in our Northern New Mexico Studio.

Sizing: Perfect for a 7” wrist, but, we would be sad if this is the piece for you and you didn’t ask us to size it up or down for you. If that’s the case, give us a day or 2 to get that done before shipping. 

This is a One of a Kind piece. We absolutely hate making duplicates of anything, so you’ll be the only one with one of these.

***Per usual: If you need some form of customization to sweeten the deal, DM or Email us. We genuinely appreciate making these pieces even more special for you “on the house”.***

This is a new era and we’re shutting down the practice of mass production at the costs of people’s lives and happiness. Thank you for the generosity and kindness you have toward our family. Thank you for Coveting Your Freedom to choose ethical, built to last jewelry. 



JC + Pia