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Finally a solid chain with soldered jump rings and strong clasps
to endure the rigorous tasks of daily life. We've been looking for
chain that can be worn until death and stand the weight of
unique pendants.
This chain is made in U.S.A, is solid Brass and is vintage, circa
1970s. Brass works itself into a deep brown over time, a patina
of sentiment preferred by many to fancy gold as an affordable
alternative for a solid metal that in spite of a patina will not
change color on you.
I.e. It stays Brass - does not turn silver tone.
The patina can also be removed to reveal the shininess with a
jewelry polishing cloth - and we stock these!

Brass can leave a green mark on your skin when exposed to
perfumes and moisture. If you feel this could be an issue, go
for a hypoallergenic fine metal chain option that we have such
as Sterling Silver or 14K Yellow Gold.

These chains are solid and sit flush against the skin.
Leave it on, never take it off.

Measures :: 4mm Wide

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Handmade in the USA.